Apples Theme for Preschool and Kindergarten
Apples Theme for Preschool and Kindergarten

The APPLES THEME FOR PRESCHOOL (and KINDERGARTEN) has been revised and is now available via this blog.

The Preschool Toolbox - Thematic Learning and Play for Preschool and KindergartenApples Thematic Unit

The Apples Theme for Preschool is an 80+ total page unit that includes enough activities for at least two week’s worth of lessons. If you plan to use the unit for one week only, you will have many activities left for a “new” unit the following year. This theme includes over 45 math, science, and literacy activities. It also includes:  Introduction suggestions, Book list, Songs/fingerplays/poems, Art/craft activities, Gross motor ideas, Cooking activities, and Dramatic play. In addition, the theme comes with detailed instructions for all games/activities, 32 pdf game files that are ready to download and print, and 2 PowerPoints for playful learning!

All About the Letter “A”
Line of Apples (4 separate activity ideas)
Letter “A” Basket Sort Introductory Game

Over 25 of our favorite titles related to Apples

Way Up High in the Apple Tree

Ten Shiny Apples (PowerPoint)
Shake the Apple Tree
Apples are Good for You!
Apple Magic (PowerPoint)
All Around The Apple Tree
Ten Red Apples Growing


For a PREVIEW of the Apples Theme for Preschool and Kindergarten, click here:  Apples Theme Contents Preview

The entire APPLES THEME is available on this blog.

**Note – After purchase, the theme will download as a zipped file.  Once the contents have been extracted, there will be a main folder that contains:  a folder for all the pdf files and PowerPoints and a main pdf of all the theme’s instructions for suggested activities.  The RED links in the MAIN file are not live, but are there to serve as a guide to tell you which pdf file to print for that particular activity or game.  The GREEN LINKS are a guide to the PowerPoints that accompany that song/fingerplay.

We hope YOUR children/students enjoy exploring, learning, and playing with a fun APPLES THEME this fall!






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