If you have a fan of rockets at home, in childcare, or in your classrooms, kids will adore learning and playing with rocket-themed activities. Whether your kids like STEM/STEAM activities, crafting, or just playing with rockets, they’ll have FUN with all the activities designed to encourage hands-on creation and learning through PLAY.

Rocket-Themed Activities for Kids

Rocket STEM/STEAM, Crafts, and Playful Learning Activities for Kids!

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STEAM and STEM Rocket Activities for Kids

Rocket STEM and STEAM Activities for Kids!

Learning to engineer a simple rocket design helps kids learn about the world around them. When kids have a chance to use cross-disciplinary skills, powerful learning results through play. Try some of the awesome design challenges to encourage STEM/STEAM skills at home, in childcare, or in the classroom.

  • MAKE it MOVE rocket design challenge for kids by Wikki Stix
  • STEM Rocket Experiment from Rainy Day Mum UK
  • Bottle Rockets STEM Exploration from STEAM Powered Family
  • Space Rocket STEAM Designs and Experiment from Rainy Day Mum UK
  • Rocket FLYERS Kids Can Make from Brain Power Boy

Rocket-Themed Playful Learning Activities for Kids

Rocket Playful Learning Activities for Kids!

Learning is fun when kids enjoy the theme. Try some of the suggested playful learning rocket-themed activities to encourage hands-on learning and creation through play.

  • Rocket Landings Word Family Game from Rainy Day Mum UK
  • Free Solar System Printable Learning Theme from Real Life at Home
  • Rocket to the Moon Sight Word Game from Growing Book by Book
  • Space CVC Word Building FUN from Totschooling
  • Felt Rocket Name Puzzle from Teach Me Mommy
  • Fine Motor Rocket and Astronaut Activity from JDaniel 4’s Mom
  • Building Rockets with Shapes from Stir the Wonder
  • Rocket Pizzas (and Literacy) Kids Can Make from Growing Book by Book

Rocket Themed Crafts and Playful Learning for Kids.Rocket-Themed Crafts for Kids!

Rocket learning crafts help kids follow instructions, develop emerging skills, and play. We know your own students will delight in trying the rocket crafts below:

  • Easy SPACECRAFT NAME Activity and Craft from Powerful Mothering
  • Easy Paper Weaving Rocket Craft from Home Preschool
  • Easy Rocket Craft (that SHINES) – free template from Books and Giggles
  • Footprint Rocket Craft from Best Ideas for Kids
  • Shape Rocket Creations (free printable) from Learning and Exploring through Play
  • Cardboard Roll Rocket Ship Crafts from Our Kid Things

Rocket Activities and Crafts for Kids.

Rocket-Themed PLAY for Kids!

Remember to create invitations to PLAY for your students or kids at home. Set out supplies and kids will be naturally curious about how to use them. The rocket-themed play ideas are sure to spark an interest for FUN play at home or in the classroom.

  • Junk Model Space Rocket Creations from Rainy Day Mum UK
  • Sidewalk Paint Rockets from Glue Sticks Blog
  • Straw Rockets (free template) from Buggy and Buddy
  • Interactive Paper Plate Rocket Craft from Books and Giggles

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