We are working diligently behind the scenes here at The Preschool Toolbox Blog to provide even more resources to help your children and students play and learn.  We asked our fans and followers what they needed most – the answer was an overwhelming…”more access to free resources.”  In the next few weeks, we will shut down our main website and begin (slowly) to add all of the preschool themes our blog.  All HOLIDAY themes will be available as FREE resources for you to download, print, and use.

Each of the themes for preschool and kindergarten consist of:   theme introduction suggestions, literacy, math, science, arts and crafts ideas, dramatic play/center ideas, PowerPoint presentations, and an extensive book list.  The free Thanksgiving and Christmas Themes will become available as quickly as possible.   It is our hope that in giving you access to more resources, we can assist you in providing appropriate learning and play opportunities for your children whether at home or in the classroom.

Stay tuned…it will be an exciting holiday season for us as we prepare and update our own resources for YOU!

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