the-big-pumpkin-free-sequencing-activities-for-preschoolThe Big Pumpkin by Erica Silverman:  Sequencing in Preschool!

The Big Pumpkin by Erica Silverman is one of our kids’ favorite fall books!  The characters are funny and not-too-spooky for preschoolers to enjoy the antics of their attempts to take a pumpkin off a vine.  Your own kids will delight in the theatrics of the characters as they pull, tug, and pull a little bit harder to make the pumpkin finally snap from the vine.  Come read, sequence the events, and play along with our own kids this fall!


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After reading the story of The Big Pumpkin by Erica Silverman, invite kids to re-tell and sequence the events in the story to enhance literacy.

Materials needed:

  • Free Printable Sequencing Cards/Puppet Toppers for The Big Pumpkin – print here:  sequencing-the-big-pumpkin-by-erica-silverman
  • Craft Sticks or Seasonal Paper Straws (9 per child/student)
  • Scissors
  • Poster Putty or Tape


  • Print one set of the sequencing cards/puppet toppers (linked above) for each child/student.
  • Laminate the cards or cover with clear contact paper for durability.
  • Have the kids cut out each of the 9 cards on pages 1 and 2 (assist younger children).
  • Kids can tear off pieces of poster putty or use tape to adhere the cards to 9 crafts sticks or seasonal straws.

Activity Suggestions:

  • Re-read the book and invite the kids to hold up the items/characters as they appear in the story.
  • Make a tray activity with the book and all of the puppets.  As the kids look through the book, invite them to sequence the puppets in the order they appear in the story.
  • Invite kids to put on a puppet show for their peers using the created stick puppets.


  • Page 3 of the sequencing cards file (linked above) contains 9 squares.  Invite the kids to use poster putty to place the character/item cards in the appropriate numbered boxes as you ask the following questions?

1.       What does the witch plant in the beginning of the story?  (pumpkin seed)

2.      What does the seed grow into? (a big pumpkin)

3.      Who tries to take the pumpkin off the vine first? (witch)

4.      Who tries second? (ghost)

5.      Who tries third? (mummy)

6.      Who tries fourth? (vampire)

7.       Who tries fifth? (bat – with an IDEA for all of them to pull together)

8.      Where does the pumpkin land after it snaps off the vine? (doorstep of the witch’s house)

9.      What does the witch make with the big pumpkin? (pumpkin pie)

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