Use lettered clothespins or tiles on the harvest word cards
Use lettered clothespins or tiles on the harvest word cards

HARVEST THEME WORD CARDS – Harvest Letter_Word Cards

Materials:  Print one copy of the file linked above for each of your children, small tiles if available, permanent marker, a small basket or bin, and clothespins.

Laminate the cards for durability, if desired.  Say the words with your children.  If you have small tiles at home or school, make a tile with each of the letters from the word cards.  Put the tiles in a basket or bin and have the children sort the letters to the word cards.  If you do not have the tiles, the pdf file contains letter boxes that the children can cut (assist younger children) and sort to the word cards.  The children can also sort and clip lettered clothespins to each of the cards as indicated in the photo above.

Thanksgiving Literacy


TURKEY MATCHING WORDS and WORD FAMILIES – Harvest Theme Matching Words and Word Families 

Materials:  Print one copy of the file linked above for each of your students, pencils/markers/or crayons, scissors, and index cards (or cut paper).

The file can be used in several ways:

RHYMING: (individual or small group activity) – cut all the cards apart and laminate for durability.  Have the children place the cards face down and turn over two cards at a time.  If the cards are rhyming cards, the children keep the cards.  If the words do not rhyme, the cards are turned face down again and the next player takes a turn.  Play continues until all the cards have been matched.

LIKE WORDS or LIKE BEGINNING SOUNDS:  Older children can look at the word on the turkey and try to find the matching word in that line.  When they located the matching word, have the children circle the word.  Younger children can look to match only the beginning letter of the word inside the turkey to a beginning letter in each of the lines.

WORD FAMILIES:  On an index card, write the word family that the cards belong to as show in the example picture above (we used paper leaves just to add thematic fun to the activity, but any paper will do.)  Laminate each of the word cards (clear contact paper can be used) and have the children cut out the cards.  Have the children sort the word cards onto the corresponding word family cards.  At the end of the file there are blank turkeys and boxes for you to use additional words/sight words etc. that your children may be working on.

EXTENSION IDEA:  use the blank turkeys and boxes for numbers, colors, or color word recognition skills.  Fill in the blank turkey with a number, color, or color word. Use the blank boxes for numbers, colors, or colors words and have the children match one of the boxes to the turkey example.

THANKSGIVING THEME 3 LETTER TURKEY PUZZLES – Thanksgiving Theme 3 Letter Word Puzzles

Materials:  One copy of the file linked above for each student, Alphabet stamps or pencils/crayons/or markers, glue sticks, and scissors.

Have the children practice writing (younger children can stamp the letters) the letters on the blanks provided on each puzzle piece (see photo above).  Assist younger children in cutting out the puzzle pieces.  Older children may cut their own.  The children can glue the pieces of their turkey together on a separate piece of paper.  There are 4 blank turkey puzzles at the end of this file to use with any words/word families your children are working on.

Extension Idea:  (this activity works well for small groups) – Use the blank turkeys for basic addition.  Write two numbers on the turkey body pieces.  Have the children use small counters and write the sum on the turkey’s head before putting the puzzle together.  For basic subtraction:  Write a number on the turkey’s head and another number on one of the turkey body pieces.  Have the children use small counters to “take away” that number from the one written on the turkey’s head.  The children can either stamp or write the “answers” on the turkey.  The sums could also be written prior to the activity.   Have the children copy the numbers to the blank lines provided on each turkey piece.

Learning about letters, words, and word families can be lots of FUN!

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