Harvest Sensory Bins

Materials needed: Several medium to large size containers that children can dig/explore in, one or more samples to dig in (see below for suggestions).

Fill the containers ½ to ¾ full with desired materials and let the children dig, bury, touch, smash, squish, etc. the materials inside.  It is a good idea to cover your table of floor with a table cloth or sheet to collect any items that may spill out.  Please make sure to watch young children during this activity so they do not eat or choke on any of the materials. 
Some suggestions include: Indian corn, pumpkins, pompoms, leaves, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, sand, small stones, water, packing peanuts, dry rice or beans, shredded paper, pieces of ribbon, etc.


Mayflower Numbered Coloring Activity – Mayflower Color by Number


Materials needed:  One Mayflower Color by Number.pdf per student, crayons/markers or water colors, paint brushes and smocks or t-shirts if using paints to protect clothing.

Print the Mayflower for the children.  For younger children who do not have number and/or color recognition skills, do the activity as a small group.  For older children, ask them to find the number and follow the color example on the corresponding section of the ship.


Thanksgiving Letter Match Thanksgiving Letter Match

Materials needed:  1 copy of the Thanksgiving Letter Match.pdf per student, scissors, 3 clothespins per student labeled with the letters T, S, and P, and pencils.

Print the picture cards for each of the children.  Have the children stamp or write the beginning letter sounds for TURKEY, SCARECROW, and PILGRIMS on the line below each of the pictures.  The children can then cut the cards out (assist younger children with scissor skills.)  Have the children turn the cards face down.  When all the cards are turned over, have the children pick a card, one at a time, and match/clip to the clothespin with the same letter.  Each clothespin should have 10 cards clipped when all the cards are turned over.


Large Group Game for Thanksgiving

Ring around the Scarecrow! (played like “Ring around the Rosie”)

Have the children form a circle.  Choose one child to be the scarecrow and stand in the middle of the circle.

All the children chant:  “Ring around the scarecrow; Autumn is when the wind blows; (the scarecrow then pretends to blow hard at the children when they pass) Rustling leaves, crows in the trees, blows us DOWN!”  (all the children fall down and a new child is chosen to be the scarecrow.)

~Adaptations to Traditional by The Preschool Toolbox

We are thankful each and everyday for the opportunity to work with young children and share ideas for helping them grow and learn.  Our blessings to each and every one of you and your children!

The Thanksgiving Thematic will post to our website  at The Preschool Toolbox Blog soon!  It’s a fun unit to do at home or at school!

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