Fall Sensory Bins for Preschool, PreK, and KindergartenThe new FALL THEME is now available at The Preschool Toolbox!  The Fall Thematic is divided into 3 sections:

  • Trees and Leaves
  • Pumpkins and Jack-o-Lanterns
  • Halloween (non-scary)

Below are samples from over 40 pages of activities to help your children explore, play, and learn about FALL!

  • This is Jack  – Use this action chant as part of the Pumpkin Emotions Activity and conflict resolution center.  All instructions and the pdf files for the jack-o-lantern “emotions” and conflict resolution center are available in the FALL THEMATIC!

This is Jack-o-happy, (children make a happy face)

This is Jack-o-sad, (children make a sad face)

This is Jack-o-scared, (children make a scared face)

This is Jack-o-mad! (children make a mad face)

All the things you feel inside,

Are really all ok!

Just open up and tell someone,

Explore the words to say!

 ~The Preschool Toolbox

Fall Leaves (Tune: Row, Row, Row your Boat)

Red, Green, and Yellow Leaves,

Purple and Orange, too

The leaves are rustic rainbows,

They give us Fall’s first clue!

~Adaptations to original by The Preschool Toolbox

FALL SENSORY TUBS (picture shown above)

Materials needed:  An assortment of Fall items (i.e. apples, fall leaves (silk, plastic, and/or real), nuts (if using real ones, check for allergies first), pumpkins (miniature or plastic), and assorted gourds), large plastic bin or drawer, bowls for sorting, tongs/spoons/tweezers, and magnifying glasses.

Have the children explore the items as you assemble the sensory bin.  Let them feel the different textures, see the variety of colors, smell the aromas, and listen for how each of the items sound as they are placed in the tub.

Leave the tub out and let the children explore on their own or with magnifying glasses.  Set bowls out so the children can use different utensils to sort the items.  Sort the items according to varying characteristics:  bumpy, smooth, shiny, dull, smell/no smell, alike, different, etc.

Here’s to cooler weather and the joys of the FALL season!

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