Dinosaur Theme for PreschoolSENSORY DINOSAUR EGGS

Fill 5 Eggs (we used plastic Easter Eggs) with objects that increasingly get heavier (we used a cotton ball, bouncy ball, miniature dinosaurs, magnet balls, and a rock.) Pass the eggs around so the children can feel the weight of all 5 eggs.  Have the children then “hatch” the eggs and lay all objects out on a table.  As the children pick the objects up and explore them, have them try to arrange them in order (left to right) from lightest to heaviest.  Allow ample time for the children to feel and discover.  Set out magnifying glasses, small food scales, etc.

Extension:  have the children arrange the eggs BEFORE hatching from softest to loudest.

Extension idea:  fill the eggs with various small items (suggestions:  rice, small rocks, bells, sand, and pasta).  Invite the children to listen carefully to the sounds each of the eggs make.  Invite the children to order the eggs from the loudest to the softest OR the softest to the loudest according to the sound each of the egg shakers make.




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