Fall Crafts for KidsThanksgiving is fast approaching, and I’m looking forward to pumpkin desserts, orange and red centerpieces, and a glowing fire! The aptly named ‘Turkey Day’ is the perfect time to come together with friends and family, relax with a bountiful meal, and express gratitude for the passing year. Adults and teens often spend Thanksgiving Day together by cooking and prepping for a big dinner, so little ones can sometimes feel left out of the holiday festivities. Kids can help make Thanksgiving special by creating some beautiful decorations for all to enjoy during and after the big dinner. There are a ton of great Thanksgiving crafts, games, and fun coloring pages.  I’ve selected three of my favorite Fall and Thanksgiving crafts and activities for kids.

Fun Handprint Wreath from Education dot com

Your preschooler can make a unique and beautiful autumn wreath out of his own handprints to welcome guests into your house! Have your child trace his hand three times on each of four different fall-colored sheets of construction paper. Carefully have your child cut out his handprints, and arrange them in a color pattern. Glue each handprint to the next, tilting slightly as you go to form a full circle. Once the wreath is dry, kids who are practicing writing skills can write down the name of each month on the handprints. Use the wreath as a visual to help your child brainstorm one thing that he is thankful for in each month of the year. Not only is this ‘handy’ wreath a great conversation starter, but it also helps your child practice fine motor skills and elementary math skills!

Turkey Craft from Education dot com

This turkey craft is fun for kids, and makes a great centerpiece for the dinner table! Cover a square tissue box and toilet tissue roll with brown construction paper, and attach them together to make the base for the turkey. Decorate the body and head with feathers, and use paper and felt to make the eyes, beak, and wattle. Use popsicle sticks and colorful construction paper to create a full turkey tail.

Give Thanks

Remind your child that Thanksgiving is about expressing gratitude with this holiday worksheet. Featuring a spread of turkey and sides, and the phrase “Give Thanks,” this Thanksgiving worksheet is a perfect easy art project for kids who are waiting for the holiday dinner. Have your child decorate more festive coloring pages to put up on the fridge door to serve as a reminder to stay thankful, even after the leftovers have gone!

About the Author:  Blythe Tai is a copywriting maven for Education.com’s editorial and marketing departments. She spent two years working in early literacy programs with at-risk youth in the San Francisco Bay Area through AmeriCorps, and has previously taught journalism, creative writing, drama, and music classes with students aged 4-18. Blythe has a BA in English and Music from UC Santa Barbara.

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