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We used markers to draw arcs on construction paper. The children then used liquid school glue to put rainbow colored cereal around the arcs. Let the rainbows dry well before hanging or sending home! Extension: Older children can sort the cereal into colors, then glue into colored rows – orange arc, red arc, yellow arc, etc.

Use black paper or a dark color paper. Have children dip colored chalk in sugar water and color with the chalk. The sugar water makes the chalk colors really stand out! Use 2 tablespoons of sugar to one cup of water.



Weather Theme crafts for Preschool, PreK, and Kindergarten
Let the paint act as glue for a great THUNDERSTORM!

Use blue construction paper and have the children finger paint or brush on blue washable tempera paint as the background. Have the children cut or tear a large black “cloud” from construction paper and lay it over the blue paint (the blue paint will act as glue so none is necessary.) Then have the children cut or tear yellow rectangles from construction paper and lay them length-wise under the black cloud. The thunderstorm now has lightning


Preschool Cloud Craft
Use a cotton ball and white paint to make fluffy summer clouds!

Fold a sheet of blue construction paper, reopen, and lay flat. Squeeze a few dots of white tempera paint on one side of the fold. Have children close the paper on the fold and gently press. Open the paper to view your paint-blot cloud. Extension: have the children look at their “cloud” paintings and try to figure out what shape it resembles. Use a sentence starter at the top of the page: “It looked like _______.”


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