Summer is a wonderful time to Play and Learn with your children.  The summer activities below are sample ideas taken from the SUMMERTIME theme that will be available via this blog  in 2014!  The unit includes 4 complete themes:  Bubbles, Patriotic, General Summer, and Beach.  Kids getting bored already?

Summertime Sorting

Set out two baskets in the middle of the room.   Label one SUMMER and the other basket NOT for SUMMER.  In between the two baskets, set out objects, clothing, and accessories that would and would not be used in the summertime.  Ask the children to sort all of the items that would be worn or used during the summer into the first basket.  Next, sort all of the objects that would not be used or worn in the summer time into the second basket.  Suggested items to collect could include: sun hat, visor, flip-flops or sandals, scarf, mittens, shorts, sweatshirt or sweater, lightweight jacket, snow pants, boots, etc.  After the basket sort, do the activity below with your children.

What Would You See in Summer?  – See in Summer

Materials needed: See in Summer.pdf (download link above), scissors, glue

Cut apart the pictures on page two of the pdf file.  Give the students the cut out pictures and have them sort into two categories: Summertime and Not Summertime.  After the pictures are sorted, students can glue them down onto their paper.  Extension for younger children: If your students are still learning about the seasons, you can have a pre-sorted worksheet for them to look at and try to match.

Everyone Loves a Picnic
Take your snack time outdoors!  Grab a big sheet or blanket (or even beach towels for each child to sit on) and let kids have a picnic during snack or lunch time.   If the weather is bad, you can simply have a picnic indoors as well.  Having a meal in a different location than normal is just as fun for kids indoors as it is outdoors!  After your picnic, do the activity below with your kids!

Ants at the Picnic! – Picnic Blanket 

Print off the Picnic Blanket.pdf (download link above) so that each student has one page.  Students dip one of their fingers into a black stamp pad (a small amount of black washable paint will work, too) to make fingerprints.   When dry you can turn the fingerprints into “ants” by adding legs and antennae.

Extension for older children: Page 2 of the pdf file is blank.  Students can use a red marker to color in the squares needed to make a checkerboard pattern before decorating with “ant prints.”

Popping Bubbles

Popping Bubbles Experiment –Popping Bubbles

This experiment can be done in small groups.  Have the children experiment with bubbles and observe what happens when they land on different objects or surfaces.  Do the bubbles pop?  Do the bubbles keep their shape?  After allowing students to freely explore with the bubbles, give each child a Popping Bubbles.pdf (download link above) worksheet and a crayon or marker.  Have students complete the worksheet by recording whether or not bubbles popped on specific objects.  Students can circle the happy face if the bubble did NOT pop, and circle the sad face if the bubble DID pop on contact.

We hope your summer is filled with learning and PLAY!




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