The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything by Linda Williams is one of our all-time favorite Halloween books.   It is not only a wonderfully illustrated story (reminds the reader of countryside cottages and fairy tales), but the story line has a real plot that compels young children to participate!  Even if you are not a fan of Halloween, the book is age appropriate and does not have the word “Halloween” anywhere in the story.  

Sequencing Activity – The Little Old Lady_Matching Word Cards

Materials needed:  one printable file (linked above) for each child, glue sticks, scissors, and craft/popsicle sticks.

There are several ways the children can use the sequencing cards:

1.  Print the cards, have the children cut out the rectangles, and fold on the center dotted line.  The children can then glue the picture card to a craft stick (the craft stick should be glued between the picture and text).   The children can hold up the craft sticks as the characters/items are introduced in the story.  If desired, give a different character/item to each child and have them “read” the text on the back of the cards as they become more familiar with the story.

2.  Matching Game – make two copies of the file above, laminate for durability, and cut the individual squares apart.  Have the children turn all the picture cards over on a table or the floor.  The children must find the matching cards by turning two cards over at a time (memory game style).  If a match is not found, the cards are turned face down again and play continues to another child.  The game is over when all the matching pairs have been found.

3.  Matching text to character/items – As you read the story to young children, pause to emphasize the beginning letter sounds for the words each of the characters/items say.  For children that have letter RECOGNITION skills, the children can work to match the picture cards to the text that corresponds to that card.  Remind the children to look carefully at the BEGINNING letter to locate the corresponding text.  There are two cards that begin with the Letter C.  In that instance, the children must then go on to the SECOND letter to figure out which text card would form the matching pair.

 Extension Activity – Write the beginning letters for the text cards on separate index cards and randomly place in a pile.   Have the children use bingo dot markers to dot the corresponding beginning letters on the text only cards.

4.  Use the sequencing cards in the dramatic play center suggested below.  The children can practice sequencing the story with the stick puppets and create a play for one another or as an activity to perform for a parent day/evening.

Dramatic Play 

Set up a dramatic play center for the children to act out the events in the story.  We used our puppet theater for our center, but any table or a cardboard box will do!

Have the children use the stick puppets above to retell the story.  The children LOVE this center!  We also have a box with hats, gloves, shoes, pants, plastic pumpkins, and stuffed scarecrows for the children to use when retelling the story.  Some of our children like to dress up for their part and MOVE to the story!  We have tons of wiggles, nods, shakes, claps, clomps, and, more often than not, a very loud BOO, BOO!

Beginning, Middle, and End Drawing Activity – The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

 Explain to the children that stories have a beginning, a middle, and an end.  Read the story to the children again and point out how the story starts, what events happen in the middle, and how the story ends.  Make sure time is allowed for discussion after reading.

Print the file linked above for each of the children.  The children can draw pictures that represent the beginning, middle, and end of the book.  Ask the children to circle whether they liked the book or not.   In all my years teaching small children, I have never had a child dislike this book.  It is a keeper!

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