Dinosaur Sounds
Set out different containers (butter tubs, oatmeal boxes, plastic coffee containers, metal coffee cans, etc.) and some rhythm sticks.  Invite the children to explore making dinosaur sounds with the different containers:  What sounds would the dinosaurs make with their FEET, CLAWS, or TEETH? – Stomping, running, hunting sounds?  See what sounds and descriptive words your preschoolers will use!

Dinosaur HUNT and SEEK!

Designate one or two children to be the “hunters” and the rest of the dinosaurs to hide.  The hunters chant, “We are great big dinosaurs! We hunt with our claws and our teeth! Other dinos are scared of us; we eat them for their meat!” The hunters must find/ tag each of the other dinosaurs and have them sit down.  When all are sitting, more “hunters” can be chosen.

Dinosaur FOSSIL Dough (see picture)
1 cup of used coffee grounds
1/2 cup of cold coffee
1 cup of flour
1/2 cup of salt
Wax paper
Mixing bowl
Large plastic Dinosaur to make foot prints in the dough

Ours took a long time to dry the first time we did this Unit. The SECOND time, we baked the dough after printing in a 200 oven for 10 min. on each side and it decreased drying time considerably!

We hope YOU enjoy learning about DINOSAURS along with your kids!



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