It’s hard to believe that Easter is just around the corner!  The activities below offer opportunities for preschoolers to create, learn, and play with a seasonal Easter theme!

Painting with PEEPS

Painting with PEEPS!

Our kids are working on tally marks so we decided to add a cross-over art activity to our tally mark rhyme!

Materials needed:  PEEPS of any color with the corresponding color of tempera paint, paper plates or paint trays, white paper, and a brown marker (for tally marks and the bunny’s facial features).

Invite the children to create by assembling all supplies on a table or tray.  Have the children practice making PEEPS prints on their paper.  Our kids found that the marshmallows really soak up paint, so we needed to dip our PEEPS into the paint after each print! 🙂  Allow the bunny prints to thoroughly dry before adding the facial features with the brown marker.

Read the tally mark rhyme (linked above) to your children several times.  Have the children practice saying the chant.  It’s a fun way to help kids remember how many tally marks to make before the line crosses over.  Have the children make tally marks on their PEEPS printed page to indicate how many bunnies they printed (see photo above).

Patterning with Marshmallows

Patterning with Bunny Marshmallows – Blank Pattern Strips

Materials needed:  One blank pattern strips pdf (linked above – one per child) and bunny marshmallows (pastel colored ones).  Note:  If the bunny marshmallows are not available, the pastel colored miniature marshmallows will work, too.

Print the blank pattern strips above for each child.  Set out the marshmallows for the children to use on their pattern strips (when using FOOD items for learning, we always have to decide on the number we are going to EAT after our activity is over).  For very young children, start an AB pattern (see the 3rd row above – A = PURPLE; B = YELLOW) on the blank pattern strips and see if they can finish the row. Young children might also copy a complete pattern row that has been done for them. For older children, have them make more complex patterns without using the pattern strips.

For MORE Easter-themed Activities for Learning and Play in Preschool, see the Easter Theme now available here on the blog!

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