Fingerprint Fireflies
Painted Fireflies

Below are sample activities from the Bugs and Insects Unit that will be available via this blog in the Spring of 2014.   The entire unit includes Math, Literacy, Science, Dramatic Play, Large Motor, Art, Music, Videos, Power Points, and Additional Resources (cooking projects and internet links.)

Introducing BUGS to your children:

Introduce your Ladybugs and Insect unit by asking students, “Have you ever gone outside and seen an insect?”  This should lead your group into a lively discussion about what insects children have seen.   Next, ask your students, “What is an insect? Can you tell me what it looks like?”  Chart or draw out the responses children give you.  You may need to encourage some responses by asking questions such as, “Does it have a head?  How many legs does it have?  Do they have wings?  How big are they?” Etc.

Sensory Table Ideas (or you could use a large drawer or bin)

Fill your sand and water table (or use a large bucket or container) with green Easter grass or shredded green construction paper.  Add plastic insects, tweezers, magnifying lenses and small containers or jars for kids to collect the insects.

Sorting Day and Night Insects (Day or Night Insects.pdf – is included with theme download)

Which insects do we see during the day?  Which insects come out at night?
Activity #1: Sort pictures of insects we see during the day and insects we see at night.
Activity #2: Try to catch samples of daytime insects and nighttime insects.  For nocturnal insects use a flashlight to attract the insects to the light.

Painted Fireflies

Materials needed: Black construction paper, yellow or gold paint, white paint
For each firefly, paint a thin yellow or gold line.  This will be the firefly body.  When dry, have each child dip their pinkie finger in white paint and make two fingerprints on each side of the painted lines.  This will become the firefly wings.

Enjoy the season of BUGS with your preschoolers!



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