Summertime offers many opportunities for playful learning with preschoolers!  Below are just a few sorting and counting games to help get started on a summer of fun!

General Summertime Introduction – Sorting Game

Set out two baskets in the middle of the room.   Label one SUMMER and the other basket NOT for SUMMER.  In between the two baskets, set out objects, clothing, and accessories that would and would not be used in the summertime.  Ask the children to sort all of the items that would be worn or used during the summer into the first basket.  Next, sort all of the objects that would not be used or worn in the summer time into the second basket.  Suggested items to collect could include: sun hat, visor, flip-flops or sandals, scarf, mittens, shorts, sweatshirt or sweater, lightweight jacket, snow pants, boots, etc.

Counting Little Stars  (Tune: 10 Little Indians)

One little, two little, three little stars,
Four little, five little, six little stars.
Seven little, eight little, nine little stars,
Ten stars in the sky.
~Adapted Traditional

Seashell Sorting

In your sand table, or a medium or large sized shallow Rubbermaid container filled with sand, hide many different kinds of seashells.  You want to make sure you have different sizes and shapes of shells.  Provide students with small sand pails and shovels so they can dig in the sand to find the shells.

Extension for older student: Label each of the sand pails with a different characteristic (large shell, small shell, medium-sized shell, pointy shells, round shells, smooth, rough, etc.).  As students uncover a shell they can look at the picture/label on the pail and tries to decide which pail to put the shells in.

We wish you and your children a summer filled with learning and play!





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