The Shape of My Heart by Mark SperringThe Shape of My Heart by Mark Sperring is adored by all of our kids!  We bought this book to use as a Valentine’s Day book, but it is a great one to read all year long!  The illustrations are delightful and invite the children to interact as each page is read.  It is a wonderful book to explore the various shapes that children encounter each day.  While the book is intended for a younger audience, children of all ages can learn from the book’s message.


After reading the book and discussing all of the shapes the children can find, the Friendship Collage Stars make a great craft to extend the message of love and friendship.

Materials needed:  One large printable diamond from the file (linked above) for each student, scissors, and assorted items for decorating (suggestions:  colored tape, duct tape, stickers, scrapbook paper, paint, markers, crayons, stamps/stamp pads, construction paper, or tissue paper).

Friendship Collage Star Craft for PreschoolInvite the children to create by assembling a tray with the diamond shapes and any decorating materials/supplies desired.

When each of the children are finished decorating the diamonds, have the children come together to share.  Individually all of the children will have wonderful decorated shapes to share, but when the individual diamonds are joined, they become a FRIENDSHIP STAR!

Friendship Collage StarsThe stars can be as large (or small) as the number of children participating.   The FRIENDSHIP STARS make great displays at home or in the classroom for Valentine’s Day (or ANY day)!  Please note:  the second page of the file above contains smaller diamonds for the children to create their own friendship stars.  If desired, the smaller diamonds can create a pinwheel when joined (as pictured above) and attached with a brad to a straw.

The Shape of My Heart by Mark Sperring



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