The Very Hungry Ghost

Our kids love Eric Carle!  The copies we own of The Very Hungry Caterpillar are well worn by tiny fingers.  The Very Hungry Ghost is a fun booklet to make for Halloween at home or in the classroom!

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THE VERY HUNGRY GHOST – The Very Hungry Ghost 2

Print the file above for each of the children.  Read the story to the children and brainstorm foods that the ghost might eat on each day of the week.   Discuss with the children what happens in the story on Saturday!  Ask the children if they think the ghost will be happy or sad on Sunday when all the food is all GONE!

Have the children use crayons or markers to color food(s) that correspond to the NUMBER WORD on the pages.   On Saturday, the children can color as many foods as they wish!  The children can complete their booklet by drawing empty shelves, an empty house, and a sad (or happy) ghost on Sunday.

For very young children – have stickers of food that the children could use if they are apprehensive about drawing foods in their booklets.  Scratch and sniff stickers are great for this booklet (and they add a layer of sensory experiences, too).

Make sure that time is allowed for each child to read and retell their own version of the story!  The children will be excited to share their stories (over AND over!)

BEGINNING, MIDDLE, and END of the Story – What Happened_The Hungry Ghost

Print the file above for each of your children.  Remind the children that every story has a BEGINNING, a MIDDLE, and an END.  Have the children answer the questions in the file above.   For very young children, have the children verbally discuss the concepts of BEGINNING, MIDDLE, and END.  Brainstorm possible answers with the children as a group.

DAYS OF THE WEEK – Days of the Week

By Halloween, our children have a good grasp on the Days of the Week.  We are beginning to write and stamp the words that correspond with each day.   The file above includes Monday-Friday and a box where the children can write the calendar number for that specific day.


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