Fall Play Dough Counting Mats #’s 5-10

Apple Mat

Apple Tree





Our children are working hard on accurate counting skills!  This set of play dough mats can be used with dough or with pompoms/other small counters.  Laminate the pages after printing for durability (clear contact paper works if you do not have access to laminating supplies.)

Have the children count the number of circles on each of the pages (these math mats work solely with the numbers 5-10, but other numbers can be made from index cards/circles to represent any numbers the children may be working on.)

Additional activity:  Make index cards with basic addition or subtraction problems. Have the children use the play dough balls as counters to solve the problems.


Directions:  Print the Turkey file (linked above).  The turkeys can be laminated to re-use if desired.

Have the children look at the colors on the turkey’s feathers.  Ask the children what colors are represented by the feathers.  Have the children look at the color words on the first page of the file.  Ask the children if they already know any of the color words by looking at the BEGINNING LETTER or saying the BEGINNING SOUND for each of the color words.    Go over the color words with your children and ask that they color the blank feathers as you discuss the color words.  The children can then cut out the feathers and match the color words to the colored feathers on the turkey.

Extension:  Older children can match the color words to the turkey’s feathers BEFORE coloring them in.

For more fun ideas see Preschool and Kindergarten Themes for Active Learning and Play!


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