Preschoolers absolutely love talking about themselves and their families. Learning, observing, playing, and creating with an ALL ABOUT ME theme is perfect for the beginning of school. It allows kids to get to know each other better while allowing teachers and caregivers to know a little more about their students, too. Come learn and play with us as your own preschoolers get back to school.

Come learn and play with an ALL ABOUT ME theme for preschoolers.

All About Me Activities for the Start of Preschool!

  • Multicultural Faces – printable play dough mats from Nuturestore

Printable play mats for use with play dough will help preschoolers design and celebrate all appearances and styles – free to print and play.

  • All About Me FREE Printable Pack from Totschooling

This free printable preschool pack includes the following:

My name, age, and hand print; my favorite color & favorite food; my eye color & hair color; my self-portrait; my favorite outfit; and my family portrait.

  • Help Preschoolers Learn Their Name Using ALL 5 Senses

Assist your own preschoolers in learning their name through the senses of: sight, taste, hearing, smell, and touch.

  • What’s special about ME handprint craft from There’s Just One Mommy

Helping preschoolers think about what makes them special is FUN with a special hand print craft kids can display at home or in the classroom.

  • All About Me Handprint Book for Preschoolers from ABCs to ACTs

Preschoolers love to learn everything about themselves. The All About Me Handprint book can be made and then “read” to family and friends. It’s a perfect way for preschoolers to learn and celebrate individuality.

  • Skeleton and X-ray Constructions from Artsy Momma

Explore the concepts of x-rays and a skeleton with these FUN activities for playful learning.

  • Learn About Our Brain Preschool Activity from Pink Stripey Socks

What is the brain and what does it do? Simple science activities for preschoolers can help them find out.

  • Super Simple Sensory Name Bags

This sensory learning activity helps preschoolers learn the letters in their name with sensory manipulation. It’s fun (and soothing).

  • We are Family – a free printable pack for Preschool and Kindergarten from Fun with Mama

Learn a little more about each of your students (or your own child) with this free printable pack. Kids can draw members of their family, household pets, play with matching cards, and so much more. It’s free to print for playful learning booklets or centers at school.

  • 3-Part MY BODY Cards from Wise Owl Factory

This is an awesome Montessori-inspired activity for learning about body parts. The set is free to download and comes in both English and French. Go print for a great center activity for learning ALL ABOUT ME.

  • Learning About EYE COLORS is FUN with Preschoolers

Free printable pack and sensory activity suggestions to help your own preschoolers learn about eye colors.

  • 30 ALL ABOUT ME Books Your Preschoolers Will Love from My Storytime Corner

Check out all 30 suggestions for books to accompany your ALL ABOUT ME playful learning activities whether at home, in childcare, or in the classroom.

  • Creating Family Portraits with Preschoolers from Rainy Day Mum

Use mirrors to learn about body parts and really look at each other. Preschoolers can gain awesome insights simply by looking at themselves, peers, or family members. Create a fun family portrait with simple supplies.

  • All About Me Theme Activities from Natural Beach Living

Crafts and family printable activities provide insights for preschoolers to learn about themselves. Try some of these fun activities with your own kids.

  • The Best All About Me Simple Printables from Natural Beach Living

Free printables will help preschoolers learn their birthdays, favorite colors, and foods as they create.

    • Where I Live Nesting Block Activity from Schooltime Snippets

This is a FUN, yet simple, geography activity for helping preschoolers learn about where they live: city, state, nation, continent, and world.

  • How to Create a Simple Family Book from Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds

Preschoolers LOVE to talk about their families and themselves. Create this simple family book for your preschoolers to share with their peers in the classroom or at childcare.

  • What’s Inside Our Body from Science Sparks

Simple activities often provide powerful learning. Try this activity with your students and see what they do know about their own bodies.

We hope your own preschoolers enjoy learning with ALL ABOUT ME activities. To each and every one of our colleagues, we wish you a great start to a new school year.

Learn through play with themes your preschoolers will love.

Your kids might also enjoy other theme based activities this year.

All thematic units are immediate digital downloads ready to print and play. Suggestions in each theme are given under the following categories: introductions, songs/fingerplays, literacy, math, science, art/craft suggestions, gross motor, dramatic play, and an extensive book list. Power Points and All Printables are included within the zipped file. Note: Mobile users should download one of the free apps from iTunes or the Google Play Store before purchasing to unzip the file. A pdf reader is also necessary.

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