Sample Play Ideas with a Dinosaur Theme!


Designate one or two children to be the “hunters” and the rest of the dinosaurs to hide. The hunters chant, “We are great big dinosaurs! We hunt with our claws and our teeth! Other dinos are scared of us; we eat them for their meat!” The hunters must find/ tag each of the other dinosaurs and have them sit down. When all are sitting, more “hunters” can be chosen.


Materials: paper or plastic grocery bags (use paper if doing the activity on a non-carpeted area) two for each child; yarn. Help the children put the bags over their shoes and tie with yarn at the top. Play “We Will Rock You” (instrumental version) by Queen: and have the kids stomp around the room saying, “We are, we are DINOSAURS.” “We are, we are….DINOSAURS!” STOMP U:)!

Learning with a Dinosaur theme is a great way to introduce dinosaurs through playful learning!  Come back and visit soon to see ALL the learning opportunities your children can have through play!

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