As far as our kids are concerned, Halloween is second only to Christmas!  We hope you have FUN this October with the activities below!

Pumpkin Roll and Circle Math –Pumpkin Roll and Circle

Materials needed:  1 Pumpkin Roll and Circle (file linked above) per student, 2 dice per student, and crayons or pencils.

Print the workmat for each of your children.  Have the children roll 2 dice, count the number of dots on each of the dice, and circle the corresponding numbered pumpkin.  Remind the children that they need to continue rolling the dice until all the numbered pumpkins are circled.

Halloween Grocery Sack Tales – Halloween Grocery Sack Tales

Materials needed:  One large grocery sack per child, scissors, glue sticks, Halloween or seasonal stickers, white and colored construction paper, and crayons or markers.

Lay the grocery bag flat with the bottom folds of the bog at the top. Fold the two corners of the bag’s bottom underneath so it looks like a house. Tape the corners underneath the bag with masking tape. It is helpful to do the bags prior to the activity, especially with younger children.

Have the children cut out the pictures from the file linked above (younger children will need assistance with scissor skills.)  Tell the children to arrange their pictures on the paper bag house in any manner they wish.  Have them use crayons and markers to draw other Halloween or Fall pictures on the bag (younger children could also use Fall or Halloween stickers.) When all of the children have finished the houses,  have them bring their houses to rug/carpet time.   Allow time for each child to share some of the items on their house.

Extension: Older children love to create stories to go along with their house. Allow the children to share a story or to start one by pointing to an object on the house. Let other children tell a part to the story by pointing to something on their house. When the children get the hang of storytelling, it will become one of their favorite activities.

For more Halloween and Fall Activities, see the FALL THEMATIC UNIT  at The Preschool Toolbox Blog!

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