The beginning of June is always so much fun! Many schools are letting out for the summer break, the temperatures are rising, and we start to get a glimpse of the impending summer season. This lays ground for playing in the sun, having fun on bikes, playing with water, and so much more. This month’s Ways to Play Every Day Activity Calendar has activities based on those ideas and many more that you can explore with your preschoolers at home, in childcare, or in the summer school classroom.

June Printable Activity Calendar for Preschool

Ways to Play Every Day: June Activity Calendar for Preschoolers!

This free June activity printable can be used in a variety of ways by parents in their home or by preschool teachers in the classroom. The calendar activities are prompts for daily learning, creativity, and exploration. The calendar can be followed on a daily basis, you can select a random activity, or use it as a source of inspiration for your curriculum.

Below you’ll find a description of each calendar activity in the calendar, as well as links to corresponding activities, printables, and book lists that you can use to supplement each one.


  1. Create a Summer Break bucket list.
  2. Decorate a fabric tote bag to use on your summer adventures.


Books for this week’s activities: 

Summer Days and Nights

And Then Comes Summer

Summer Books and June Activity Calendar for Preschoolers

  1. Learn about bicycle safety.
  2. Make and ride through a bicycle obstacle course.
  3. Play the game Red Light, Green Light on bikes or tricycles.
  4. Create a bicycle wheel suncatcher.
  5. Go on a bike ride in the neighborhood.
  6. Create bike track art.
  7. Have a bike wash and clean your bikes.


Books for this week’s activities:

Duck on a Bike

Froggy Rides a Bike

Eric’s Big Day

Pet the Cat: Go, Pete, Go!

Best Bike Ride Ever

New Red Bike

Bear on a Bike

Books about Bikes for Preschoolers

  1. Sort items by size: big or small.
  2. Play with nesting cups.
  3. Have some fun with these big/small action cards.
  4. Line up measuring cups/spoons from little to big.
  5. Explore numbers by measuring things around the house/classroom.
  6. Match small animal figurines to their bigger counterparts.
  7. Read a book about dads.


Books for this week’s activities:

Big Cat, Little Cat

Big Words for Little People

Big Dog Little Dog

Big & Little

Just a Little Bit

Big Is Big (and little, little)

The Perfect Nest

Preschool Books about Big and Little Things

  1. Place items on colored paper in the sun to make sun prints.
  2. Create shadow art by tracing shadows and coloring them.
  3. Experiment to find out what items melt in the sun.
  4. Make a shadow puppet theatre.
  5. Guess items by their shadows.
  6. Explore light and shadows by playing with flashlights.
  7. Make your own solar oven.


Books for this week’s activities:

The Sun is Yellow

My Shadow

Whose Shadow is This?

Fun in the Sun

Jack’s Amazing Shadow

The Shape of Me and Other Stuff

Sun Up, Sun Down

Preschool Books about the Sun and Shaldows

  1. Play in a water table/bin.
  2. Investigate density by experimenting which items sink or float.
  3. Make a rain gutter river.
  4. “Paint” with water on cement.
  5. Explore math skills with this splish splash math activity.
  6. Practice matching upper and lowercase letters using this method.
  7. Experiment to find which solids dissolve in water.


Books for this week’s activities:


Water, Water

I Get Wet


Water Can Be…

Water is Water

Who Sank the Boat?

Preschool Books about Water and Boats

Let the FREE June activity calendar for preschoolers inspire you to play every day with these fun, easy activities! Print here: June Activity Calendar for Preschoolers


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