Ladybug Math Mat for Preschool and Kindergarten

Spring and Summer offer great opportunities to introduce your children to BUGS & INSECTS.  Some children are frightened of bugs, while others will readily look for, touch, and play with any they find outside!  

Introduction:  Make a list of all of the insects the children have seen before or know the names of.  Sing the song Insects All Around as it includes many common insects the children may know!

Insects All Around

Insects all Around (Tune: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star)

Lady bugs and butterflies,

Buzzing bees up in the sky.

Teeny, tiny little ants,

Crawling up and down the plants

Many insects can be found

In the sky and on the ground.

~Original Author Unknown

Ladybug Roll and Print Math Mat (photo pictured above) – Ladybug Roll and Print

Materials needed:  One Ladybug Roll and Print file for each child, red stamp pads OR red bingo dot markers, black fine tip markers, and 1-4 dice (depending on skill levels of the children playing).

Print the ladybug math mats for each of the children.  The math mats can be used with children of differing skill levels.  Below are some suggestions for use at home or in the classroom.

Younger Children:  have the children roll ONE die, count the number of dots, and make a fingerprint or red dot mark in the corresponding numbered square.  The game is over when all the squares (#1-6) are printed with a red dot.  When the prints dry, the children can use black markers to make antennae, legs, &/or the corresponding number of dots to the ladybug prints (see photo at the top of this post).

Older Children:  have the children roll up to 4 dice.  For each roll, the children must make a dot mark or print in the corresponding numbered square.  The math mat has numbers through 24.  The children can also play with partners and choose to be either ODD or EVEN.  The odd player must only print a square when he/she rolls an ODD number.  The even player can only print a square when he/she rolls an EVEN number.  The game is over when one player has printed all the EVEN or ODD numbered squares.

The children can add features/dots to their ladybugs with fine point black markers once the prints are dried in the squares.

Wikki Stix Created Insects

My Insect – Drawing Insects

Materials needed:  One Drawing Insects file (linked above) for each child and assorted Wikki Stix.

As you read each line of the text at the top of the paper, have the child make that part of their insect with the Wikki Stix.  When complete, the children can share their insect creations with the rest of the class and discuss how each picture looks different even though each child made the same insect parts.

Ladybug Colors and Word Cards – Colored Ladybugs and Color Word Match

Recognizing Colors and Color Words

Print the colored ladybugs and word cards from the file (linked above) and laminate for durability.  Have the children cut out the ladybugs (or cut prior to the activity).  The children can practice recognizing color words by matching the color word ladybug cards to the corresponding ladybug color.

For younger children, use the ladybug word cards with the colored text.  Older children can match the black/white text cards to the ladybugs of the corresponding color.


Wikki Stix Created Insect Art – One-to-One Correspondence

Materials needed:  White paper and assorted Wikki Stix.

Have the children use the Wikki Stix to create any number they have had introduced on the white paper (assist very young children).  Using the assorted Wikki Stix, the children can make the corresponding number of ladybugs or insects on the paper.  Some children will want to add more details to the insect page:  a sun, clouds, birds, trees, grass, stick people, etc.  If is a fun way for children to learn basic counting, practice fine motor skills, and be creative!

For MORE “buggy” activities, see the Ladybug and Insect Theme here on the blog!


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