We’ve been using Wikki Stix in our classroom with kids for over 20 years.  Wikki Stix is a versatile sensory product that is durable enough to withstand daily use by Preschoolers and Kindergartners.  This past week, we made math wraps for teaching basic skill sets to our 4 and 5 year olds.  The kids loved math wrapping with Super Wikki Stix; it was great fine motor work, too!

Super Wikki Stix Math Wrapping – Wikki Stix Math Wrapping

Creating the Wikki Stix Math Wrapping Game is easy!  Print the file to heavy cardstock.  For durability, the games can be laminated or covered with clear contact paper before cutting out.  I didn’t laminate our practice set, but we should have.   I covered our set for math center work with clear contact paper and it worked great!

After cutting out the game cards, cut horizontal slits in the dark blue areas by each number on the cards (see scissor photo above).  Each card uses approx. 3 long strands of Super Wikki Stix to complete.  The Super Wikki Stix strands will adhere to the front or back of the cards and will “stick” over the numbers as the kids wrap the card.

There are 5 math wraps that can be made with the file linked above.

  • Sequential Counting with the Numbers 1-20 – kids wrap the numbers from left to right (and under the card back to the left) in correct number order on the card.
  • Random Number Ordering 1-25 – kids wrap numbers and must find each sequential number from 1-25 (wrapping left to right, under the card, and left to right again).
  • Skip Counting by 2’s to 50 – in number order from 2-50 (wrapping left to right, under the card, and left to right again).  Make one slit at the bottom of the card by the number 50 for the children to thread the Super Wikki Stix for the last number on that card (see photo above).
  • Skip Counting by 5’s to 100 – in number order from 5-100 (wrapping left to right, under the card, and left to right again).
  • Addition – Random Order (+1) –  Start on the upper left corner with the number 1.  The children must add +1 to the number 1 and wrap toward the number 2 on the RIGHT side of the card to solve the problem.  From the number 2, the children must add +1 to the number 2 and find the number 3 on the LEFT side of the card to complete the equation.  The children keep working from right to left and left to right adding (+1) to the numbers on each side.  The last number used on that game card will be the number 12 (11+1=12).  

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For more Wikki Stix ideas to use at home or in the classroom, see the Wikki Stix Theme at The Preschool Toolbox Blog!

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