Encourage Kindnesses through Everyday PLAY with the Kindness Elves

The Kindness Elves: Encouraging Kindness through PLAY!

Teaching kindness to kids requires daily practice, role play, and many opportunities for adults to model (model, model) acts of kindness. We are honored to introduce the Kindness Elves to YOU. Through daily play and interactions with these adorable little elves, kids will have many opportunities to practice small kindnesses at home or in the classroom.

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Introduce The Kindness Elves with a Book to Explain the Story of Kindness

The Story of The Kindness Elves

“In the clouds not too far above your home, live the teeny tiny Kindness Elves who spend their days making special kindness potions.  One day they discover they need the help of some very special children on a very important kindness mission!”

The Story of the Kindness Elves introduces children to the joy that showing daily acts of kindness can bring, in whimsical and magical ways.  The book is a wonderful introduction to using the Kindness Elves to help teach and guide our kids to daily acts of kindness through pretend play and practical applications. We will be using the book next month to introduce the newest members of the Kindness Elves to our own students. We plan to use the Kindness Elves as a daily part of our preschool classroom throughout all of next year!

The Wish Makers and Nature Lovers

Using The Kindness Elves to Encourage Kindness through Everyday PLAY!

Explore a Kindness for Nature with the Nature Lovers Kindness Elves Set

The Wish Makers (pink) and Nature Lovers (green) elves are the newest members of the Kindness Elves family. The Wish Makers are fabulously inventive and love nothing more than to create wonderful surprises for others to enjoy! The Nature Lovers love to be outside playing and exploring! The nature lovers are tree climbers, forest explorers, beach diggers, wave jumpers, leaf throwers, and puddle splashers. The elves have names, but children are free to name each of the elves on their own as they read the story, learn about kindness, and put kindness into daily action!

The brand new pink and green Kindness Elves are now available for PRE-ORDER.  For those that pre-order this week ONLY, you’ll receive 15% off!  Simply enter the code RAINBOWS at the check out and the price will be reduced automatically. Please note: This offer ends June 25th, 2017). You can also find more information at The Kindness Elves website.

Teaching kindness through daily play with The Kindness Elves

Will YOU Join Us on Kindness Adventures this Summer and Throughout Our Own Preschool Year?

We hope you will join our students on kindness adventures throughout the year! We’ll be sharing ideas and suggestions on how we use the Kindness Elves with our own students (and hoping you’ll share some of your own adventures, too). For some delightful inspiration to get started with your own Kindness Elves, please see:   25 Ideas for the Kindness Elves and 25 Acts of Kindness for Kids to do!  

Don’t forget to Pre-Order your own Kindness Elves as the discount ends JUNE 25th!



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