As a reader of this blog, you are probably aware that The Preschool Toolbox Blog offers a Wikki Stix Thematic Unit.  I have blogged about Wikki Stix products for 2+ years as our own kids use them daily for a variety of crafts and learning activities in our home classroom.  

Full disclosure:  I am now a part of Wikki Stix promotional efforts through this blog and various social media platforms.  I receive payments and Wikki Stix products in exchange for developing activities that teachers or parents can use with their children at home or in the classroom.   For me, it is a WIN/WIN relationship – I have the honor of a trusted relationship with Wikki Stix that allows me to develop activities/content as I deem appropriate for our readers; I get paid for “doing what I love to do” (not a bad thing, right?)!  Wikki Stix gets to put its product in front of people like you who want fun activities that stimulate tiny finger muscles and brains to grow!  Not all posts using Wikki Stix will be sponsored posts, but I will let you know each time one is published from this blog.  Do take a look at their product(s).  I wouldn’t offer you a sponsored post if I didn’t use the product and find value for our own students! – Darla

Roll an Ice Cream Cone/Scoop – Roll an Ice Cream Cone

Materials needed:  One Roll an Ice Cream Printable File for each child, one die, white background paper, and assorted Wikki Stix Colors (to make the triangle cone and scoops).

Print one copy of the Roll an Ice Cream Cone pdf file (linked above) for each of your children.  Have the children roll the die and create a cone or the color of scoop indicated by the dots on the die on the background paper.  The children should keep rolling the die until all colors of scoops and the cone have been made.  The “scoops” on the second page of the file have been intentionally left white.  For older children, fill in any color words or additional colors that the children have had introduced.

Extension:  We have also had the children make letters within the scoops that correspond with the beginning letter for the COLOR of scoop they are making (ex:  make a Y inside the Yellow Wikki Stix scoop).

There are MORE ways to use Wikki Stix with an Ice Cream Theme.  Wikki Stix  inspire kids to be creative and can be used over and over again at home or in the classroom!

We’d love to hear your comments about another way to play with your own students!  Hints:  Science, Math, Literacy….

Roll a Ice Cream Cone – Color Words

Label one blank die or foam cube with any color words your children have been working on.  Have the children create the bottom of the cone on their background papers.  Set out Wikki Stix colors that correspond to the colors on the labeled die.  As the children roll the die, they must choose the Wikki Stix of the corresponding color to make their scoops.  This game is over when all 6 colors on the labeled die are rolled.  For younger children, make dots on blank die with different colors of permanent markers.  The children must make the scoop that corresponds with the color of dot they roll.

About Wikki Stix

Wikki Stix has been entertaining parents, teachers and children for more than twenty years! Wikki Stix One-of-a-Kind Creatables are the award winning original waxed yarn creativity toy. Wikki Stix are Made in the USA.   Follow on Twitter and Facebook for periodic discount codes.

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