Paper Clip Painted Jack-0-LanternMore than Paintbrushes!

Allow your children to use a variety of items when painting!  The picture above was done with a large paper clip (we pulled out the middle section for the children to hang on to when painting.)  Set out a variety of fall colored tempera, finger paints, and plain or textured paper.  To give your students different sensory experiences while painting, you can simply change up the tool(s) they use to paint with.  Instead of paintbrushes, you can paint (or make “prints” with) any of the following suggested materials:

  1. Feathers
  2. Paper Clips
  3. Kitchen Utensils (small spatulas, whisks, forks, etc.)
  4. Sponges
  5. Toothbrushes
  6. Paint rollers
  7. Squeegees
  8. Pipe cleaners
  9. Q-tips
  10. Cotton balls
  11. Combs
  12. Small balls such as marbles
  13. Toys with wheels (i.e. matchbox cars)
  14. Sticks
  15. Yarn
  16. Cookie Cutters
  17. Cut pieces of fruits and vegetables
  18. Flyswatters
  19. Bubble wrap

Bingo Dot Marker Fall TreesFall Bingo Dot Marker Tree – Tree Outline for Fall Art Projects 

Print one copy of the tree outline for each of your children.  You might also print to brown paper and have the children cut out (assist younger children with scissor skills.)  Let the children use markers or bingo dot markers to make different colored leaves on the tree. We used purple, orange, and green, but the children can use any colors they wish to make a beautiful fall tree!


Fall Leaves for Math 

Print the tree outline from the link above for each student.  Have the children color the tree if desired.  Go on a walk outside and see if the children can find a small bag of leaves (if you live in a climate or area without many leaves, silk leaves from a hobby shop will work just fine.)  Have the children pick a number and write that number on their tree(s). Younger children can ask for assistance with writing the number, copy or trace a number that is previously written for them, or stamp a number on the tree.  Ask the children to count that number of leaves from the leaf bags and glue around the tree.  Our children did the numbers 1-10 on their individual trees and we are using as a Fall display in our math area.

For MORE art activities for kids, see the Fall Thematic Unit at The Preschool Toolbox Blog!

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