Fall Math with Miniature Pumpkins – Number_Place_Word Cards

Ordinal number sense and pumpkin matching – line up five pumpkins (we put them on a tray, but you can line them up on the floor or a table, too.)   Print the file link above and laminate the cards for durability (you can also use clear contact paper for laminating.)  For very young children who are still working on number recognition skills, use a permanent marker to number the FRONT of the pumpkins with the #’s 1-5.  Have the children pick a number from the number cards only and place it in front of the pumpkin with the matching number.

For older children:  Do not number the FRONT of the pumpkins.  On the BACK of the 1st pumpkin, write the #1 and 1st; #2 and 2nd on the back of second pumpkin, and so on. Have the children match the number cards to the number place cards: 1 and 1st; 2 and 2nd; and so on.   Have the children place the cards in front of the pumpkins in sequential order: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th.  Older children can also work on larger numbers or a larger group of numbers:  1-10 or 11-20, etc.  SELF-CHECK – the children can turn the pumpkins around to self-check when they are done placing the cards in front of each pumpkin.

For readers:  have the children look at the word cards and the beginning sounds (notice that First, Fourth, and Fifth all begin with the SAME letter).  Go over the word cards and number cards with your children.  See if the children can match the word card to the number/place cards.  Have the children then put the matching cards in front of the correct pumpkin in the line.  SELF-CHECK:  With a permanent marker, write the numbers/place/words on the BACK of each pumpkin (ex. the first pumpkin would have written:  1, 1st, and First on the back.) When the children have completed the activity, they can then turn the pumpkin around to see if they have completed the activity correctly.


Tactile Leaf Cards for Counting by 5’s –Pin Prick Tactile Leaf Cards Template

Print the cards on heavy paper or cardstock.  Have the children point to each of the dots as they count in groups of 5.  Give each child a push pin (explain that the pins are only held by the colored/white end and NOT the sharp end.)  Have the children carefully poke holes through each of the dots (use a tablet, magazine, or carpet square under the leaf templates.)  When the children turn the cards over, they can FEEL each of the raised dots to count them individually.  Have the children close their eyes and see if they can carefully feel each dot to count the number indicated on the front of the card.

Print the tactile leaf cards on heavy paper or cardstock and laminate for durability.   Have the children use counters (we use beans, indian corn, candy corn, silk leaves, etc.) to count out the number on the card.  Place the counters on the center of the leaf as they count one by one. Remind the children to count OUT LOUD as they place the counters on the leaf pattern. After the children are done with the cards (through number 20), assist the children with counting by 5’s to 20.  As the children gain confidence and skills, use larger numbers.  There are cards at the end of the pdf file above that can be used for additional numbers.

PUMPKIN RELAY GAME:  Use the miniature pumpkins outside for a relay game. Number the pumpkins 1-5.  Set the 5 pumpkins in an horizontal line several yards in front of the children.  Leave space between the pumpkins for the children to run AROUND them.  Have the children line up or make two “teams” (for teams, you will need 5 pumpkins for each team.)  An adult will start the game by calling out a number (1, 2, 3, 4, or 5).  Demonstrate “running around” a pumpkin to the children! The first child in each of the lines should run around the correct pumpkin and go back to tag the 2nd child in the line.  When tagging another child, the “runner” must also call out what # of pumpkin to run around next. Some children will forget to call a pumpkin # out…it’s ok; let the children run around the pumpkin they wish.  The relay is over when each child has had a turn to run around one of the pumpkins.  For a competitive game for older students, the first line to have all the players run around a pumpkin is the winner.

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