The Creaky Old House – Not so Scary October Adventure  

Materials needed:  wood blocks, rhythm sticks, recorders (&/or harmonicas), and triangles (enough so that each child can play one instrument.)

Introduce the children to “instrument resting position.”  When at rest, all the instruments must lay quietly on the floor (they are SLEEPING and very QUIET) in front of the child.  Decide on a hand signal that can be used to indicate it is time to stop playing and return the instruments to resting position.

Setting:  The class is taking a walk along a wooded path that leads to the forest.

Our class went on an adventure along a path lined with beautiful fall trees.  As we walked, we listened to all the sounds of the animals in nature (children with recorders or harmonicas play….make a hand signal to show them when to stop playing and return the instruments to resting position.)  We walked and listened to all the lovely sounds when we came upon a BIG IRON GATE.   ____________ (name of child) said, “I wonder what is behind that gate!”  We pushed together and the heavy iron gate opened (children with triangles play and then return to resting position.)  “Let’s go down the path and see where it leads,” said_________(name of another child.)  We walked until we came to a BIG OAK TREE with leaves swaying in the wind (all the children make wind sounds and wave their arms gently.)  “Did you hear that?” said ______________(name another child).  “I didn’t hear anything,” said _________(name another child).  We all listened carefully…THEN WE HEARD IT!  A BIG LOUD SOUND on the path by the BIG OAK TREE (all the children with rhythm sticks play and return the instruments to resting position.)  “OH NO,” said _________(name another child).  We think it’s coming after us; let’s RUN! (all the children tap their knees as fast as they can).  We ran as fast as we could until we saw an OLD CREAKY HOUSE.  “Do you think we should go in?” said ____________(name of another child.) ALL the children yell, “YES!” The BIG LOUD SOUND is getting closer and closer! (children with rhythm sticks play and then return the instruments to resting position).  We opened the door to the OLD CREAKY HOUSE (children with wood blocks play and then return to resting position.)  We sat down inside to rest and THEN…the door to the OLD CREAKY HOUSE OPENED, AGAIN!  THAT BIG LOUD SOUND CAME INSIDE THE HOUSE! (children with rhythm sticks play LOUDLY.)  We were SO SCARED, but that BIG!! LOUD!! SOUND!! was just ……our PRINCIPAL!  He just wanted to walk with us! (all the children sigh and say, “Whew!”)

Use the story as a starting point and make up your own stories and endings.  Sometimes we run up the stairs of the OLD CREAKY HOUSE and find other doors to open.  The BIG LOUD SOUND can turn out to be:  a dog, a JUMPING frog, a cat, the TEACHER, a MOM or DAD, a farmer, a Halloween Parade, etc.   We tell stories with and without instruments.  It will soon become a class favorite that the children will ask for time and time again.  

Can your children re-tell the story?

Who is in the story?

Where does the story take place?

How does the story start?

What happens in the middle of the story?

What happens at the end of the story?

After several repetitions, the children will begin telling their parents about OLD CREAKY HOUSES, LOUD SOUNDS, and the PRINCIPAL running after them.  If performing in the classroom, give your parents a “heads-up!”:)

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