Bubble Activities for Preschoolers!

Summertime Thematic Unit BUBBLESBelow are samples from the BUBBLE activities section of the Summer Theme which will be available via this blog early in 2014.  We hope you and your children enjoy learning and playing with the suggestions below!

Introduce Bubble Play to your Kids:

Blow bubbles from a commercial bubble solution for the children either indoors or outside.  First, ask the children to simply OBSERVE what the bubbles do in the air or when they land on something.  Next, have the children try to catch a bubble with some part of their body.

Bubble Jumping

Cut out circular bubble shapes from blue paper or newspaper (you can have the children paint or color the bubbles).  They need to be small enough for the children to be able to hop over.  When dry (if painted), set the bubbles on the floor and ask the children to take turns hopping over the bubbles.  Extension activity #1: Label each of the bubbles with a letter, number, color or shape.  Have students call out the letter, number, etc. written on each of the “bubbles” as they jump over them.

Music and Movement with Bubbles
Play Nature Sounds of the Wind at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRadFidgoXU

Let the children move around the room with or without streamers and pretend to be bubbles floating in the wind.  After moving have the children draw a picture of something that they might see or do if they were a bubble floating high in the sky.

Tactile Bubbles – Tactile Bubble .pdf is available in the Summertime Thematic download! Instructions below:

Print one copy of the bubble worksheet for each of your children on white cardstock.  Using LIQUID glue, have the older children “draw” around the shape of the bubble with the glue.  Younger children will need adult assistance or an adult to do for them.  After tracing the bubble shapes, use the glue to trace the numbers inside each of the bubbles.  Allow the glue to dry overnight.  Note:  The numbers are more difficult and may require an adult to do for the children.

When dry, have the children place the bubble page UNDER a blank white sheet of paper.  Using ONLY their sense of touch, have the children close their eyes and FEEL the numbers through the paper.  Ask the children to guess what number they are feeling without looking.  The children can then take crayons and gently rub the blank sheet of paper until the numbers underneath appear.  Ask the children if they guessed the numbers correctly?

Extension Activity:  Use the blank set of bubbles to do letters or shapes instead of numbers.