Easter Egg Roll and Color, Bunny Action Game, and More Activites for Preschool!

Whether kids are at home or in the classroom, the Easter egg roll and other activities below can provide simple, yet fun opportunities for learning and play!

Easter Egg Roll and Color Easter Egg Roll and Color 

Materials needed:  One file (linked above) for each child, two dice for each child, and bingo/ dot markers or crayons – the “roll and color” can also be done as a “roll and cover” by having the children use colored counters to “cover” the number after rolling the dice.

Print the file above for each child.  Have the children roll two dice, count the numbers of dots, and then dot mark or color the corresponding number on the page.


Handprint Duck Craft – Handprint Duck Template


Materials needed:  One Duck Template (linked above) for each student, yellow construction paper, orange construction paper, one heavy piece of paper (any color) for mounting, glue sticks, pencils or crayons, and scissors.

Print one Duck Template for each of the children.  Have the children cut the template out or pre-cut for younger children prior to the activity.  The children will need to make two yellow handprints and three orange handprints.  Have the children trace their non-dominant hand with a crayon or marker.  Older children may be able to trace their dominant hand, but younger children will need assistance (younger children can also make ALL the handprints from their non-dominant hand as it doesn’t make a difference for the activity.) Have the children cut out the handprints (demonstrate for younger children how to “round” the fingers of the handprints with their scissors; it is easier for them than cutting each finger out.)

Have the children glue the duck template to the mounting paper.  The two yellow handprints go on the side of the duck’s body as the “wings.”  Have the children use one of the orange handprints on top of the duck’s head for “feathers.”  The two remaining orange handprints should be used for the duck’s feet.

The handprint Ducks make fun display crafts for Easter or Spring!

Bunny Action Game

 “Down in the valley where the bunnies grow,

 The children all sat, sweet as a rose!

Then! They!________(call out an action – hopped, swam, jumped, stomped, crawled, etc.),

They hopped, they hopped so sweet,

They hopped around the room to pass out treats!”

~adaptations to the  original chant by The Preschool Toolbox 

Prolong the words “THEN” and “THEY” to allow time to give a visual CLUE of what action is coming up next.  The children will catch on quickly and have fun watching for the non-verbal action clue.

(If desired, have the children FREEZE and sit at the end of the chant.  When the chant begins again and a new action is called, the children then get up and MOVE around the room.)

*Set out props for the children to use as they move around:  baskets, eggs, Easter cut-outs, Easter hats/bonnets, etc.

For more learning and play this Easter, the EASTER THEME for Preschool and Kindergarten is now available for download via this blog!